What you can do during mansoon in kerala

Monsoon is considered as the off season for tourists and those who travel to kerala.

But actually monsoon is not an offeseon. You can do many activities during monsoon in kerala. The main activities are.

Rain walk

One can enjoy the monsoon in diffrent ways. Enjoy the rain by walking in the rain is one activity. Many resorts arrange #rainwalking. Even the kerala goverment with kerala state road transport corporation will have a package for rain lovers. That activity will be a one full day. They will pick you from chalakudy busstop and take you to athirapply and valapara.  In between will provide food aushakanji. 

Ayurveda Treatment

During the mansoon season many will go for the Ayurvedic treatment. There are diffrent types of treatments available. This treatment will be course for certain days. These ayurvedic treatment will be self rejuvanating, waight loss and for skin treatment. 

Enjoy Rain Enjoy fom houseboat

Another  activity will be houseboat drive during monsoon. Backwaters of kerala will be amazing during monsoon season. You can enjoy the rain while staying on the house boat will be a great experience.

So monsoon in kerala is the time for enjoyment and lots of activitis waiting for you.. As per the hindu mithology the fist rain has medicinal value and  good for many skin deceases. Why are you waiting .. can and enjoy the kerala holiday packages and  monsoon of kerala 


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